Writing Exercise

Today in class, we did a writing exercise and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would share it.

We were asked to make 2 lists. Each list was to contain at least 5 things (tangible or intangible) that you wanted but never got (or didn’t get until later). One list was from the age of 10 to 14 and the other was 14 to 18. Here’s my list as an example.

 Age 10-14

Dictionary/Thesaurus/Encyclopedia set
To grow up with my best friends Courtney, Marie, Amber, and Heather (we moved around a lot)
Guitar/piano lessons
My own copies of the Harry Potter series
Hardship license so I could work and drive

Ages 14-18

True Love
Black makeup and nail polish
To find a purpose for my life
To feel beautiful and sexy

After we came up with our list we were told to pick one and write about it. I picked the growing up with my best friends because when I look back on my life, that’s where it all went downhill for me. So I wrote about it. It helps, definitely. And I like what I have so I may very well use that for a book idea. I think this is a good exercise to do, so go ahead and give it a try and tell me how you liked it.


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Adrinna Davis

Hello there! Not much to me, I'm just your average author and librarian who is obsessed with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Divergent, ect... who is married with two kids. :) And now blogger. I love children's lit and want to share with you all the amazing books I find!

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