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This upcoming week is a very exciting one here at the University of Central Arkansas! Ellen Hopkins is coming!! So this week we read and discussed Crank in class. One of the reasons why I love Ellen Hopkins (and one reason why people don’t like her at all) is that her writing style is unique. She writes her novels in free verse. Now considering that my background is in poetry, I absolutely love the idea of mixing poetry and novels.

She’s much like Dr. Seuss, considering they both write in a form of poetry. Granted Dr. Seuss wrote picture books and used rhyme, but still, both are poetic. I think it’s brilliant. It introduces poetry to a wider audience. Most people don’t like poetry, for one reason or another, but a lot of people started getting interested in poetry after reading Ellen Hopkins. Well, I say that. I haven’t actually done a study on it, but that’s accurate for a lot of people I know. I love this!

I also think it makes reading the novel easier. It’s all broken up into small sections that just flow so well together, making it a quick read if that’s what you desire. I feel that writing in this form in these days is fantastic. We have to compete with these aesthetically pleasing, graphic forms  of entertainment like movies, TV and video games. Having a novel that is broken up into small stanzas and have some lines on different spots on the pages I feel helps break down that barrier.

I think that’s all I have to say on the subject. At least, for now!

As always, keep reading!



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