Today I turned in my nonfiction magazine article. Writing it was so much fun! Usually when we think non-fiction we think of biographies and stuff like that. But there is so much more to nonfiction. It’s also really big right now. I wrote my article on how to braid hair. I had a lot of fun with it. My classmate, and friend, wrote about fanfiction (I peer-reviewed it for her). The world is full of things that you can write about. Everyone has something that they are interested in and that they enjoy.

So, here’s an exercise. Think of five or more things you were interested in when you were a kid (lets say between the ages of 8-18). That’s a wide range so you should be able to get some real good variety.

I think the key to nonfiction is to make it relate-able to the reader. This is true for anything, but nonfiction especially. I went to a conference a couple years ago and as I was taking creative nonfiction at the time, I went to a creative nonfiction book talk. It was very interesting to see what this author learned about peanut butter. But it felt personal because my favorite inventor of all time was George Washington Carver for creating peanut butter. I learned that day that that is false. My life was a lie and I was devastated. But it was good because the author made me feel that betrayal. I’m not saying destroy the children, just make them relate to what you are writing.

The thing about kids is they LOVE stuff that is true. They love reading about real stuff and learning new things. It’s a great market to be in, and it’s just plain old fun. Getting to share your wisdom with the young is always fun.

I came across a great article that’s geared more towards adults about the different kind of nonfiction that you can read here.

Here’s a list of nonfiction type things that kids really enjoy:

*how-to. (How to do hair, how to make bracelets, how to draw…)
*animals (Always animals.)
*biographies (They love learning about real people)
*events (such as the dust bowl)
*facts about basically anything. Kids like to show off how smart they are!
*world records

If it is true, kids go crazy over it!

As always, keep writing!

Adrianna Davis


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Adrinna Davis

Hello there! Not much to me, I'm just your average author and librarian who is obsessed with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Divergent, ect... who is married with two kids. :) And now blogger. I love children's lit and want to share with you all the amazing books I find!

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