Jazz by Walter Dean Myers Poetry Book Review

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Myers, Walter Dean. Jazz. USA, 2006. ISBN: 0823415458

Plot Summary:

This beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written book is absolutely wonderful. Jazz is such a beautiful art form that is so hard to learn and play. It takes a certain kind of voice and kind of personality to pull off. As is writing poems about jazz, and Myers has mastered it beautifully. This book contains beautiful poems all about jazz and those who excel at it.

Critical Analysis:

Each poem is beautifully constructed to represent one of the most beautiful forms of music. They rhythm of the words match the rhythm of jazz. When you read it out loud, you can really hear the beat of the poem. Paired with colorful illustrations and unique formatting, this book really gives you a feel for jazz, the style and the history. I also love that he included a glossary so that kids can go over the terms that they learned in this book, such as blues, chops, and melody. There is also a timeline at the end that talks about the history of jazz.

Review Excerpts:

From Publishers Weekly: “The father-and-son team behind blues journey creates a scintillating paean to jazz. Walter Dean Myers infuses his lines (and the rests between them) with so much savvy syncopation that readers can’t help but be swept up in the rhythms.”

From School Library Journal: ” The book perfectly captures the loose, improvisational rhythms of jazz.”

From Booklist: “The rhythmic verse is so diverse that listeners are surprised with each page turn. A soulful, passionate tempo marks “Jazz Vocal,” while “Good-bye to Old Bob Johnson” is a somber farewell to a legendary artist marked by low drumbeats and slow-paced lyrics.”


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