Please Bury Me in the Library by J Patrick Lewis Poetry Book Review


Lewis, J. Patrick. Please Bury Me in the Library. Harcourt Books: Orlando, Florida. 2005. ISBN: 0152163875

Plot Summary:

An adorable book filled with cute poems about reading, writing, and libraries. Fun for any class working on a poetry unit!

Critical Analysis:

These poems are so cute! They are short and funny and will be sure to keep the audiences attention, no matter how short their attention span. The rhymes are childish, so it’s a good thing it’s a kids book. However, they are still entertaining enough for adults. In large part due to the wonderful word play and puns. I laughed through several of these. The books strongest point was that it shows different forms of poetry, including haikus, rhyming quatrains, rhyming couplets, and more.

Review Excerpt:

From School Library Journal: “A semi-swell collection of 16 poems celebrating books, reading, language, and libraries. Subjects range from Otto the Flea (who writes, of course, his “Ottobiography”) to “The Big-Word Girl” (who takes her Webster’s to the movies) to “Great, Good, Bad” books (“A bad book owes to many trees/A forest of apologies”).”

From Booklist: “His homage to reading salutes all the essential elements: letters, words, books. Lewis’ poetry is continually clever, whether pithily summing up children’s classics (a book that is excitedly read by a kid of 6 to another kid of 63) or capturing the thrill of reading in the dark.”

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Like Lewis’s previous witty verse, the poems brim with wordplay, but they sometimes seem to be aimed at adults.”


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Other books by J. Patrick Lewis:

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Poem-Mobiles: Crazy Car Poems by J. Patrick Lewis ISBN 0375866906


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