Sisters & Brothers: Nonfiction Book Review


Jenkins, Steve and Robin Page. Sisters & Brothers:sibling relationships in the animal world. Houghton Mifflin Company: New York, NY. 2008. ISBN: 9780618375967.

Plot Summary:

This is a delightful and informative book that goes into detail on siblings in the animal world. How are brother elephants or sister hyenas different than brother and sister humans? What is their relationship to their siblings and their parents? Are they really that different from us? Filled with detail, but easy to read, this book is good for any animal lover!

Critical Analysis:

Nonfiction for children require a couple very important things.

The first is pictures. Pictures are essential for kids to have in informative books. It helps them realize that these are indeed real things, if they can see them. It also helps them visualize and it helps them stay interested in the book. This book has a picture on every page that demonstrates what is discussed in the text. The pictures are colorful, but muted. It’s a nice mix that gives the kids the visual stimulant they need, but it’s not distracting. The illustrations were very well done.

The next is text. In informative books for children, text should be short and to the point and should be in small blocks on the page. If a child opens up a book and all they see is words, it intimidates them. This book demonstrates beautifully how a children’s nonfiction book layout should look. The text is in small blocks and on different parts of the page. For example, one page has the text in the upper left corner, and almost centered. On the next page, the text is in the right bottom corner and looks to be right justified. This gives variety to the page with enough white space for the child to not feel overwhelmed.

Content is the most important part of the book. For children, it needs to be informative, but short and entertaining. This book hits all those marks. This is a book that a 2nd grader could pick up and just sit down and read without much trouble and stay entertained.

This book is the full package. It is informative, correct, attractive, colorful, inviting, clear, and interesting. It is everything you want in a child’s book.

Excerpt Review:

From School Library Journal: “Enough data is afforded to satisfy many children, and adults are offered some further readings to suggest to the insatiably curious. Eye-catching, and with an interesting approach to the animal world, this book should appeal to a wide variety of ages and interests.”—Patricia Manning

From Booklist: “Most talk about animal families focuses on the parent-child relationship, but this riveting picture book, illustrated in Jenkins’ signature style, is packed with amazing facts about how young animals nurture one other or compete for survival and leave home.”

From Horn Book: “… fascinating animal facts…the new focus allows deeper explorations of the growth and development stages.”


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