Dragons of Silk by Laurence Yep Historical Fiction Book Review 


Yep, Laurence. Dragons of Silk. HarperCollins Children’s Book: New York, NY. 2011. ISBN: 9780060275181

Plot Summary

This book is about four girls whose lives are heavily influenced by silk, though, they are spread across generations.

Critical Analysis

This is a beautiful novel. It’s amazing to see the impact of one thing on generations of people. It’s interesting to see how everyone connects together. And it’s wonderful to have a book that, in particular, celebrates the strength and sacrifice of women.

This book focuses on four different women, spanning from 1835 to 2011, both in China and America.

This book is very easy to read. The pace of the book flows well. It is very descriptive and beautiful writing. I could picture myself in China feeding silkworms.

It is very authentic writing. The historical events talked about in this book are true to my knowledge. Events that did happen and that are being properly portrayed.

I also love that it is a stand alone. It is a part of a series, but each novel stands on its own, which is very helpful.

This was a fantastic book to read and I highly recommend it.

Review Excerpt

From Kirkus Review: “Readers will learn about the lovely Chinese legend of the celestial “Weaving Maid” and her sisters (the star cluster Pleiades) and the annual festival held in their honor. They’ll also learn a great deal about silkworm cultivation and how the lustrous cloth was once produced by hand. Yep doesn’t shy away from some harsh historical truths: the pervasiveness of opium addiction, bloody battles erupting between silk-factory owners and independent weavers and severe exclusion laws.”


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