Good Books, Good Times! by Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Review (Mod 1)


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Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Good Books, Good Times! Harper Childrens: NY, 1990.

Plot Summary:

This is an anthology of poetry selected and compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins. These poems are all about books and reading.

Critical Analysis:

I enjoyed this book. I thought that most of the poems were pretty good. They would definitely be enjoyable for kids.

There are a lot of different forms of poetry represented here. Some are classic AA BB or ABAB poems. (word A rhymes with Word A and word B rhymes with word B.) There are some that are free verse (they don’t have a specific pattern that they follow, and most of the time, they don’t rhyme at all.)

The imagery on each was amazing. I read the poems and felt as though I was there at the beach reading, or imagined dinosaurs surrounding me.

This is a great book to read, especially to children who love to read!

Example Poem: 

Give Me A Book

“Give me a book
and long tall grass,
There will I look
as the hours pass

To other places
I can see;
To other faces
strange to me.

In black and white
they fill my head
With men and women-
vanished, dead-

Of hope and fear,
of wish and need.
The world stands still.
I, breathless, read.

And in their history
I see
The untold mystery
Of me. ”
-Myra Cohn Livingston

This is my favorite poem in the whole book. This poem says in words exactly why I love reading. The rhyme flows well, giving you a sensation of reading. The ABAB form gives the sensation of breathing, so with “book” you breathe in with “grass” you breathe out, which makes me think of how I breathe when I’m reading. I love how it talks about being transported to other places, meeting other people. My favorite part is the last stanza. In books, we see ourselves. Our true selves. We see characters that we can point to and say “I relate to this” or “this is what I go through”. Reading helps us to not feel so alone.


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