Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown Picture Book Review (Unit 2)



Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight Moon. Harper & Row Publishers Inc: New York, 1975. ISBN 9780694003617

Plot Summary:

This adorable story is about a rabbit who is going to bed. We are introduced to everything in the room from pictures of nursery rhymes to a bowl of mush. After we have been introduced to everything, we then have to say goodnight to everything. This book combines rhyming and traditional lore to create a cute story that makes a great goodnight story for little kids.

Critical Analysis:

This is a great book for children. The one thing that really stood out for me is the familiarity of the characters. I loved how traditional nursery rhymes were put into this book. It’s fun for kids to see characters that they know in other stories. It also introduces us to new characters. Another thing it did well was the rhyming and the repetition. They introduce us to the room, and then they say goodnight to everything again.  I really enjoyed this short little book.

Strengths: Rhyming and use of familiar characters

Weakness: The pages change from color to black and white and back to color for no apparent reason. If the changing of the color is supposed to represent him going to bed, it would make more sense to have all the color on the description of the room and the “goodnight” all in black and white.

Review Excerpt:

From Kirkus Reviews

“Little children will love this going to sleep book — a really fresh idea by a talented and prolific author…”

From Common Sense Media

“Pediatricians recommend that a child have a bedtime routine, something familiar and soothing that indicates the end of the play day and time for rest, and Goodnight Moon takes the doctor’s advice. The pace, rhythm, and repetition as the little bunny says goodnight to all the things in his house and beyond work to gently lull kids off to dreamland.”

While Goodnight Moon has not won any official awards, it has sold over 14 million copies, making it the most sold picture book.


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Other Books by Margaret Wise Brown:

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Enrichment Activities can be found on Pinterest. Some ideas include painting a moon, creating a mobile with all the characters, sensory bin, and coloring pages to make a little flip book. All these activities will help enrich the children’s story time and help them understand what they have read or listened to.


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