National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry by J. Patrick Lewis Poetry Review (Mod. 4)


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Lewis, J. Patrick. National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry. National Geographic Society: Washington D.C., 2012. ISBN 9781426310096

Plot Summary:

This is an awesome and enormous collection of poetry all dealing with animals. Accompanied by beautiful photographs, this book will be sure to capture the heart of all animal lovers.

Critical Analysis:

This is a wonderful collection of poetry. Truly, it’s beautiful. All of the poems are written about the most amazing and wonderful creatures that walk this Earth, and a couple of this beautiful Earth herself, and are accompanied by stunning photographs.

With a mix of forms, this book is sure to have something for everyone. Some have traditional rhyme (ABAB or AABB), some are free verse, and some follow specific pattern (haiku, for example.)

The pace is slow, but that’s good. You don’t want to read through these poems too quickly. They are beautiful. (And although some are silly, they are still beautiful.)


Example Poem:

“Make the Earth your companion.
Walk lightly on it, as other creatures do.
Let the Sky paint her beauty- she is always
watching over you.
Learn from the Sea how to face harsh forces.
Let the River remind you that everything will pass.
Let the Lake instruct you in stillness.
Let the Mountain teach you grandeur.
Make the Woodland your house of peace.
Make the Rainforest your house of hope.
Meet the Wetland on twilight ground.
Save some small piece of Grassland for a red kite
on a windy day.
Watch the Icecaps glisten with crystal majesty.
Hear the Desert whisper hush to eternity.
Let the Town weave a small basket of togetherness.
Make the Earth your companion.
Walk lightly on it, as other creatures do.”

This poem is found on page 196, written by J. Patrick Lewis.I chose this poem for a couple reasons. The first is because it’s free verse. Most of the poems rhyme. Some, like this, don’t, but they are still just as beautiful. The next is because I personally agree with the message. We have been given this beautiful world to live on. We need to treat Her with respect and love. We need to be one with Her and Her inhabitants.


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