Gandhi by Demi Biographies Book Review (Unit 9)


Demi. Gandhi. Margaret K. McElderry Books: New York, 2001. ISBN 0689841493


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Plot Summary: 

Starting with his childhood and ending at his death, this book goes over the incredible life of Gandhi.

Critical Analysis:

This is a delightful little book that goes over the life of one of the most influential people in this world. The artwork is exceptionally beautiful. The gold tints and drawings really bring in the Indian culture. This book is a fast read with a good pace, written for young kids to be able to read independently. I really appreciated that about it. Most nonfiction books tend to be word heavy. This book is not. The language used is simple enough for a beginning independent reader be able to read the book. Smaller kids may need help, or have it read to them.

The book reads like a book, as opposed to a text book and being bombed with information. The downside of this book is that the information is very general. If you are looking for more detailed information, this wouldn’t be a good book for that.

Review Excerpt:

From Publishers Weekly:

“The highlight of this portrait of Gandhi is Demi’s (Buddha) artwork, featuring gold borders and accents, splashes of brilliant color and small-scale images. With their fine balance of simplicity and elegance, the paintings gracefully reflect their subject.”

From School Library Journal:

“As she did in Buddha (1995) and The Dalai Lama (1998, both Holt), Demi depicts a life with significant spiritual and humanitarian dimensions. She focuses on the social and political goals of Gandhi’s actions, but only after she presents the somewhat unlikely material out of which he fashioned a heroic version of himself. Insecure and unsuccessful, the young Gandhi also experienced prejudice firsthand. His central precepts, such as satyagraha (“the force of love”), are clearly products of his own life. The worldwide influence of the man is balanced with the tragic failure of peace in India.”

From Booklist:

“Beginning with Gandhi’s failure as a student in India, this well-written biography traces Gandhi’s life, from his first rallies against prejudice in South Africa to his remarkable victory over colonialism in India, rounding out the image with mention of his inability to unite India and Pakistan. With extraordinarily detailed illustrations, decorated with gold leaf; and accessible, flowing text, veteran artist-author Demi reveals how a simple man who spun his own cloth became one of history’s most important political and spiritual leaders.”


Books on Social Justice Warriors:

M.L.K.: The Journey of a King by Tonya Bolden ISBN 9780810954762

Who Was Nelson Mandela? by Meg Belviso ISBN 2900448479339

Mother Teresa of Calcutta by Francine Bay ISBN 9781621641421

Other Books by Demi:

The Empty Pot ISBN 9780805049008

One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale ISBN 9780590939980

Florence Nightingale ISBN 9780805097290


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