The Voice that Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights by Russell Freedman (Unit 9)


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Freedman, Russell. The Voice that Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights. Clarion Books: New York, 2004.

Plot Summary: 

This book is about the incredible Marian Anderson. She was a famed singer, adored throughout the US and Europe. However, because of the color of her skin, she was denied the right to perform at the Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. by the Daughters of the American Revolution. This sparked outrage, and an estimated 75,000 people stood outside the Lincoln Memorial to hear Marian Anderson sing. Without knowing it, she became front and center of the civil rights movement and broke racial barriers. This book is about her life and her accomplishments.

Critical Analysis:

This book was excellent. I loved learning about someone I’d never heard of before. It’s a shame this is a first time I’m hearing of her, since she made such a difference in the world of music for African Americans. The book begins beautifully, telling of the performance at the Lincoln Memorial. Beginning in chapter two and extending through the rest of the book, we learn about her life and career, and what lead to her involvement in the civil rights movement. Accompanied by beautiful black and white photographs, this is a beautifully written and inspiring book.

The writing is strong and beautiful. Freedman uses very eloquent descriptions that suck the reader in and transports you to another place and time.

The only weakness that I would give this book is its length, but that’s not really a weakness, just personal preference on the child reading the book. Some like them long, others like them short. Most children don’t like their informational books to be dense with text.

All in all, this was a fantastic book that would be great to use for any Black History Month, African American studies, or any music appreciation class.

Review Excerpt:

Received the John Newbery and the Sibert Medals in 2005.

From Kirkus Review:

“a fully realized portrait of a musical artist and her times…an outstanding, handsome biography. Freedman at his best.”

From Booklist:

“In his signature prose, plain yet eloquent. Freedman tells Anderson’s triumphant story . . . Older readers and adults will want this too.”

From School Library Journal:

“Numerous archival photographs, thorough chapter notes, a selected bibliography of works for both adult and younger readers, and a selected discography of currently available Anderson CDs are included. This inspiring work once again demonstrates Freedman’s talent for showing how a person’s life is molded by its historical and cultural context. Readers of Pam Muñoz Ryan’s When Marian Sang (Scholastic, 2002) will appreciate this lengthier account of Anderson’s life, as will all readers of biography, U.S. history, and musical history.”


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