The Bookworm’s Feast A Potluck of Poems by J. Patrick Lewis Poetry Book Review


The Bookworm’s Feast  A Potluck of Poems by J. Patrick Lewis – Google Images


Lewis, J. Patrick. The Bookworm’s Feast A Potluck of Poems. Dial Books for Young Readers: New York, NY, 1999. ISBN 0803716923

Plot Summary: 

A book of poems focused on animals and food.

Critical Analysis:

This was also a hit or miss for me. Looking at the book purely as a child, I’m sure I’d find all the poems quite amusing. However, he lacked in this one. Please Bury Me in the Library was a great collection. This was quite the let down after having read the previous book. I do appreciate how many different types of rhyme and poem types he uses. I think it helps children learn the difference between forms of poetry, say the difference between a slant rhyme and a straight rhyme. The set up of the book was adorable. It is formatted like a restaurant menu. The children will really enjoy this book and there are a few little funnies for the adults as well.

Review Excerpts:

From Publishers Weekly

“With an irreverence suggestive of Ogden Nash and the silliness of Jack Prelutsky, Lewis and O’Brien whip up a whimsical confection of poems and drawings in a format just as enjoyable as the poems themselves.”

From School Library Journal 

“A smorgasbord of poetic forms and moods. Arranged in sections like a formal menu (“Appetizers” to “Desserts”), the book contains poems for nearly any taste. There are selections for fans of wordplay, of limerick form, and of valentinelike verse, each accompanied by O’Brien’s exuberant pen-and-watercolor drawings.”

From Kirkus Review

“Lewis has created an almanac of words at play, using tongue-twisters, puns, alliteration, and many forms and fancies of rhyme scheme in an unabashed celebration of language.”


Other Poetry Books for Kids:

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Other books by J. Patrick Lewis:

Please Bury Me in the Library ISBN 0152163875

Everything is a Poem: The Best of J. Patrick Lewis by J. Patrick Lewis ISBN 1568462409

Last Laughs: Animal Epitaphs by J. Patrick Lewis ISBN 1580892604



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